Color tonal separtion for textile surface


Color separation

Pointcarre ColorSep is a complete solution for designing, color-separating, recoloring and printing. ColorSep creates separations in 1 minute, saving you time and money spent on materials.

Clean-up and Repeat functions
Easy-to-use tools help you create amazing halftones images, clean up patterns, and create repeats of the most intricate designs. A full range of textile and surface design tools are included with the software: Pencil, Paintbrush, Bucket etc… These tools have special “Pressure sensitivity” options: The added benefit in precise control is invaluable with a tablet or a touchscreen.

Automated Separations
ColorSep is an amazing tool for rotary and digital printing that makes your life easier by automating the most common tasks required for printing a design. From the heart of Pointcarre, a powerful tonal separation engine assists you to separate colors, there is no need to be an expert. Pointcarre detects automatically the best colors for printing an image, along with PMS matching. You can add, remove or change the colors and see print proofs immediately. Just follow the intuitive workflow to obtain the most accurate channels. Never before has it been so quick and simple to create color separations!

Color Sep

Pointcarre Color Separation provides all the tools you need to recolor watercolor images: The Pantone® Color Library is included with the Pointcarre software! You can easily build custom color libraries or import ones from other systems to be used. Pointcarre color management is fully ICC compatible. This calibration system allows you to simulate on paper the same results that would be obtained if printing on cloth.

Match your digital fabric sample to a rotary screen printing
Digital fabric printing is frequently used for small production. If you use it for sampling, you will need to match your digital fabric sample to a rotary screen printing.
First, a design is color separated and ready for digital printing onto fabric. Then, you decide which colorways is more interesting before going to the expense of engraving a set of rotary screens. But the rotary screen printing will not give you a true representation of your digital sample. ColorSep gives you the possibility to simulate what could be achieved with the rotary printing process.
During the laser engraving and wet print processes, there is an amount of colour spread. This explain the difficulty to match your digital sample to a rotary screen printing.With ColorSep, you can modify your design by limiting the pixels spread and control the numbers of shades. Also, you can split each channels in 2 or 3 to fine areas to allow for the spread during engraving and printing
Take the digital print and the finished print from the rotary screens and compare them. It’s really difficult to tell them apart !

Print Layouts
Thanks to Pointcarre Composer, Print Layouts can be customized, assigned, mapped and sized. Add color chips and any information needed to the page. Each color chip will list its name, number and coordinates. Even include you company logo!