Dobby textile CAD weaving



Dobby module helps you to create and modify any kind of dobby fabrics. This handy tool makes it quick and easy to create multiple weaves and double weave fabrics.

The warp yarn layout can be drawn directly on the cloth, or coming from a weave formula : quickly create plaids and stripes. The Dobby software allows you to check for warp and weft floats. Make corrections directly on the cloth diagram.

Dobby textile CAD weaving

Dobby weave software comes with a library of 4000 Dobby weave structures that you can customize with your own weaves. Weaves can be used as new pegplans just by dragging and dropping them onto the peg-plan diagram. The software also comes with a yarn library and the Pantone® Textile Library color picker. You can reference the colours of your yarns and use them directly in your designs.

It is easy to create simulations using any kind of yarn (boucle, chenille, slub, twisted…). Irregular densities are taken into account when simulating. The quality of Dobby weave simulation is recognized by major textile manufacturers and converters. Simulations can reduce sampling costs. Pointcarre Dobby CAD control all weaving looms ( Staubli, Dornier, Picanol, etc…)