3D Mapping



Quickly create and easily modify knitted fabrics with Pointcarre !

Pointcarre Knit allows any designer to draw on screen, on virtual graph paper, with square or rectangular grid, at the right scale and in repeat.You can modify the design size to a specific number of rows and columns according to the gauge.

Then just simulate your entire knit : a jacquard and structured stitch library comes with the software. Use them to simulate your knitted fabrics in a realistic way. Add your own stitches for a greater variety of effects.

Quickly make color variations by dropping the colors directly in the palette of your designs. View and print the colorways together or separately.

Changing color in a knit is easy, with drag and drop. You can give each color its own reference name. Save time building up your collections.

The knit design created in Pointcarre can be saved in several industry standard file formats, including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and TGA. Which garanty you a full compatibility with Adobe solutions.