Print design


Clean-up & Repeat

Prepare your Print artworks with Print Design. From a scan, quickly and effectively create flat Print artwork with the color reduction tool. Choose the number of colors you want while keeping the graphic features of the design.

Then, changing color in a design is easy. Open up your customized palettes or the integrated Pantone® Textile Library Color Picker, just drag and drop a color directly on your pattern ! Color is the heart of Pointcarre. View and print the colorways together or separately.

Work directly in repeat mode. Choose any kind of repeat: straight, half drop, mirror, with or without overlap.

Print Design provides you with a variety of tools and features with open ended use for a free expression of your creativity. The design tools have been specified by fellow textile designers so they are tailored to your work. The tool icons are common graphics that are similar to those used in other popular graphic software. Save substantial time!

Print Design is highly customizable through extensive preference settings, enabling you to set up the software the way you like to work best.

Print Design CD-ROM also includes various libraries: fabric textures (woven & knit), as well as knit and embroidery stitches. Add your own for a greater variety of effects.

Create your own storyboards for design and merchandising presentations.