Pro Weave

The most intuitive CAD tool for woven technical Jacquard and Dobby fabrics.


Dobby module contains all creation and simulation tools for any type of dobby cloth :
- warp/weft formula and density
- view and correction of floats
- import weaves with the drag and drop function
- automatic correction of threading and pegplan when importing a new weave
- creation of color ways


Jacquard module includes numerous graphic tools and weaving functions :
- textile design features ( cleaning, color variation, repeat mode )
- Data control of cords and picks
- Control of weft and warp formulas
- Creation of multiple cloth
- Flashing and correction of floats in the pointpaper and in the fabric

Easy to create simulations using any kind of yarn (boucle, chenille, slub, twisted…). Automatically edit a technical card.

Pro Weave interfaces with all Dobby weaving looms, all Jacquard heads, electronic punchers, paper card readers, drawing-in machines and warping machines.