Jacquard - Dobby Weaving

Jacquard Software

The Jacquard software enables you to create and modify any kind of Jacquard fabric

Jacquard software

Weaving functions

  • A library of 4000 weaves
  • Drag and drop a weave on the design
  • Manage a multiple weave
  • Create colorsways

Automatic Jacquard

Once a cloth quality is set up, it is easy to drag and drop a new design onto the jacquard pattern and immediately have a new jacquard cloth

Flexible and intuitive, our Jacquard solution is simple to use, quick to learn, and produces accurate stunning results

Dobby Software

Dobby module helps you to create and modify any kind of plaids and stripes fabric

Dobby software

Amazing tools

  • Warp can be drawn directly on the cloth
  • Changes to design are viewed on screen in real-time
  • Create multiple weaves and double weave fabrics
  • Automatic float checking
  • Easy input of weave, draft and peg plan data

Automatic plaids & stripes

Generate designs and colorways automatically

  • Automatic warp & weft pattern variations
  • Generate designs and colorways
  • Fast creation of sample blankets

Fabric Simulation

Create simulations using any kind of yarns.

Create accurate samples, cut cost and save money

Mapping image

Realistic fabric simulation accelerates the decision-making process.

Pointcarre Core

Pointcarre Data Management

Get organized

Pointcarre Core is a powerful product data management system that is configured according to your business requirements. Information can be retrieved automatically !

Keep track of your designs

Artworks and related product data (yarns, prices…) are made available throughout your company, sampling & production, product development and sales !

Pointcarre core schema

Task automation

Pointcarre Core comes with a server for collecting data directly from Pointcarre CAD, which also can be integrated with your PLM and ERP. This makes it easy to archive and organize designs, as filing is daily executed.


Pointcarre Core can be integrated with other systems (PLM, ERP) in order to provide detailed, timely information along with the right visual. The workflow of Pointcarre Core is integrated with all other Pointcarre modules.