Clean Up & Repeat

Pointcarre provides you with a variety of tools and features with open ended use for a free expression of your creativity.

The design tools have been specified by fellow textile designers so they are tailored to your work.

Work in repeat

Designers can draw directly in repeat. Several repeat settings are available : straight, half drop, mirror, with or without overlap. With automatic Toss effect, an item can be set with a repeat mode.


Being able to work on items in a single layer to improve your editing comfort and reduce the size of your file. All regrouped items can be easily selected, moved, copied, and edited separately from the same layer

Free transform tools

Pointcarre Layers preserve an artwork with all its original characteristics, enabling you to perform nondestructive editing to the layer. You can rotate and resize without losing quality from the original image.

Color Families

Regroup colors in families is an amazing feature that lets you group together related colors and organize them inside the swatches panel. Modify an original color and instantly apply your edits to its related family.

Digital & Rotary Printing

Pointcarre is an amazing tool for rotary and digital printing that makes your life easier by automating the most common tasks required for printing a design.

56 Channels

Unlock your true creative potential, Pointcarre supports now up to 56 channels, instead of 24 !

Combo collection

Simply powerful, create up to 255 different Combos from a specified color source

Work as fast as you think

Automated Separations

From the heart of Pointcarre, a powerful tonal separation engine assists you to separate colors, there is no need to be an expert. Pointcarre detects automatically the best colors. You can add, remove or change the colors and see print proofs immediately. Just follow the intuitive workflow to obtain the most accurate channels. Never before has it been so quick and simple to create color separations!

Match your digital fabric sample to a rotary screen printing

With Pointcarre, you can modify your design by limiting the pixels spread and control the numbers of shades. Also, you can split each channels in 2 or 3 to fine areas to allow for the spread during engraving and printing Take the digital print and the finished print from the rotary screens and compare them. It’s really difficult to tell them apart !

Real Color Blending

Current methods of blending colors provided by most software are unreliable. The Pointcarre color engine is different.

Pointcarre gives you the possibility to simulate what could be achieved with the rotary printing process
It is essential to be able to simulate digitally beforehand, the physical rendering of the print to reduce the cost of sampling.

Remarkable filters

Get more graphic design possibilities by using powerful filters to manipulate, retouch and enhance your designs.
Apply special effects like Comics, Mix edges and Blur. With just a click, you can create a woven Ikat pattern.

Before After